Customs and Quarantine Clearance

SGTL’s experienced customs brokerage team offer the best methods to assist in meeting international import quarantine requirements. We work closely with businesses exporting products to ensure export documentation and inspections are completed correctly, and that all international quarantine regulations are met.

We specialise in:

  • AQIS inspections and quarantine inspection advice;
  • Import and export of food;
  • Organic products;
  • Plants and horticulture;
  • Motor vehicles, including car parts, used vehicles, machinery and tyres;
  • Major Resources, Mining and Energy Sector imports.

International Quarantine Clearance

Many exports require documentation to ensure they are safe and will meet foreign government import regulations before they leave their country of origin. Inaccurately described, packaged or documented products stopped by international quarantine services can become a costly exercise.

SGTL’s team of customs brokers are experienced in assessing and documenting export products for international customs and quarantine requirements.

Recent changes to export inspection procedures mean that exporters are now more accountable for overseas government quarantine requirements.

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